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Some notes on the Proove protocol of home automation devices can be found here, http://tech.jolowe.se/home-automation-rf-protocols/ (it's at the bottom at the page)
If you're into Arduino, you can find a library I made here.

This is a brief summary of the Proove protocol.

Proove packet structure (32 bits):  
H = The first 26 bits are transmitter unique codes, and it is this code that the reciever “learns” to recognize.  
G = Group code. Set to 0 for on, 1 for off.  
O = On/Off bit. Set to 0 for on, 1 for off.  
C = Channel bits.  
E = Unit bits. Device to be turned on or off. Unit #1 = 00, #2 = 01, #3 = 10.    

Physical layer.
Every bit in the packets structure is sent as two physical bits.
Where the second bit is the inverse of the first, i.e. 0 -> 01 and 1 -> 10.
Example: 10101110 is sent as 1001100110101001

The sent packet length is thus 64 bits.
A message is made up by a Sync bit followed by the Packet bits and ended by a Pause bit.
Every message is repeated four times.

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